May 11th, 2017

My initial interest in programming stemmed from my experience with video editing. After studying cultural anthropology in school, I joined a software developement bootcamp learning web developement with Ruby and Javascript but I never lost my penchant for video production! Finding a career path into Evangelist/Relations work enables me to be both a creator, and a storyteller.

Technical Tutorials

Interview Series

The largest innitiative I drove tip-to-tail was an interview series with integrators of our ecosystem. I saw a gap in our content marketing and wanted to focus on the innovative stories that showed the value of integrating with a platform like Xero.

  1. Building the framework to create financial art, with Scotts Add-ins
  2. How Reducer reshaped SMB cost savings with accounting data
  3. Leveraging Technical Debt to Go Faster with VERIFYiQ